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MalovMeta.Art is not only a unique Online Museum but also an NFT marketplace. Each artwork on the site has a digital token that can be purchased by anyone. This token confirms your ownership of a digital copy of the artwork from the Museum`s collection. Moreover, you can enjoy the artwork using the MalovNFT.ART crypto application for as long as you want.

Buying a digital token is easy. Just click the NFT button under the artwork you like in the Museum`s player window. You`ll see a short description and the price of the token. Connect your MetaMask crypto wallet in the pop-up window and make the purchase. It`s a seamless process that allows you to enjoy the artwork.

After connecting your crypto wallet, you can access all the NFTs you have purchased in the PRIVATE SPACE/NFT section of the Museum`s website (which you are currently on). You can also download the free MalovNFT.ART crypto application from this section. The application is compatible with Windows and allows you to display your digital copies of the artworks without any time limitations. These digital copies fully replicate the original artworks, ensuring an accurate representation both on the website and within the crypto application.

With the MalovNFT.ART app, you can easily turn your space into your own branch of the MalovMeta.Art Online Museum. ust connect your computer to a large-screen TV, and you can display the digital copies of the artworks in your home or office. All the NFTs are securely encrypted, so only authorized buyers can access and view them through the app. Your NFTs from MalovMeta.Art are completely safe and cannot be stolen!

Once you activate the MalovNFT.ART application in the PRIVATE SPACE/NFT section of the site, you`ll gain access to your personal playlist, giving you full control over the display of the NFTs you have acquired. Detailed information and instructions for a better understanding of the app`s features, as well as the link to download the free MalovNFT.ART application can be found on the PRIVATE SPACE/NFT page (available after connecting your MetaMask crypto wallet).

We also have an exciting offer for you! Upon installing the MalovNFT.ART app, you will be rewarded with seven complimentary digital copies of our stunning artworks. These exquisite pieces will enhance your collection, allowing you to explore and appreciate their beauty within the digital realm.

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