MalovMeta.Art digital museum welcomes you to join the metaverse of world art.

Together with MalovMeta.Art you will get an amazing opportunity to:

  • Create and exhibit your art collection in digital virtual reality.

  • Showcase your collection to a global audience from anywhere in the world.

  • Display works from your storage areas, which would have never been seen otherwise.

  • Conduct online excursions and events.

  • Sell NFTs of the items in your collection.

  • Give people with disabilities access to your masterpieces.

Our digital space offers:

  • For artists

Create a digital exhibition of your works. Display your newly produced masterpieces. Find new collectors, gallery owners, and buyers.

  • For galleries

Expand your gallery space to the virtual world, and showcase more artwork online.

  • For museums

Create a digital copy of your museum and push the boundaries of the exhibition space to the entire metaverse. Diversify the forms of communication with your audience.

  • For collectors

Impress your potential buyers with an unforgettable experience of traveling through your collection in the metaverse.

More detailed information is available here:

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